I’m a 21 year old, studying in Edinburgh who hails originally from way down past London. This blog is my wee (or, small, for those of you who don’t know the Scottish lingo!) project to document both my developing style, while I try to stay warm in the freezing weather up here, and also my many and varied attempts at sewing, gluing, colouring and anything else which can make a huge mess.

We’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, we’ll have something laugh at. Forever held on the archive pages of the internet. Hmm.

Ducks and Daffodils were a completely random pairing. It came mostly from my child-like love of  feeding ducks. I mean, my boyfriend took me to feed the ducks on my 21st birthday. In addition I’m a big fan of daffodils; the way they pop up all over Edinburgh and you realise the winter is finally ending, how cheap they are to buy in the supermarkets (student, remember) and just how yellow and cheerful they are.

I’d love to hear from any or all of you, so do leave a comment or email me




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