Army-ing up lace.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old). Top: thrifted. Belt: Levi’s (via the dressing up box at home!) Necklace: DIY-ed. Watch: Fossil. Bracelet: Rosie Brown. Boots: Topshop

Found this top for a whopping £3.50 at a charity shop. Thought it might be for the chop at first but I think it pretties up this olive skirt nicely. Or does the skirt toughen up the top? Anyway. Can you tell it’s almost 1am? The boots are my first pair of ankle chopping shorties, and despite my fears that my legs would look ridiculous, I’m loving them.

Sorry for the messy mirror shot. Had to get the shoes in somehow! I’ll try and recruit a photographer for the next one.



Take one creatively repressed biology student, add a science campus filled with jeans-clad and hoodie-wearing undergraduates. Then multiply by 4 days of class. The product? This blog: An outlet for my arty side and a reason to work my wardrobe to it’s fullest extent.

Expect mess, outfit chat, probable bad hair days and multiple layers (Edinburgh is cold).